The right notion of honour: as it was delivered in a sermon before the king a Newmarket, 4 October 1674.

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Translator(s)/Commentators(s)Vincent, Nathanael
Place of translationLondon -- Administrative.City
Language(s)English (EN, ENG)
Book TypePrint
Place of First PublicationLondon -- Administrative.City
Publisher's ImprintPrinted for Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and the Crown in S. Paul’s Church-Yard
Chinese textTransliteration


Intermediate SourceIntorcetta, da Costa, Couplet, Herdtricht, de Rougemont, Canevari, de Gouvea, Brancati: Sapienta Sinica 1662, - @ Jianchang [ Latin ]


BibliographyJenkinson, Matt. "Nathanael Vincent and Confucius's `great learning' in restoration England", in Notes & Records of the Royal Society, vol. 60, pp. 35-47, 2006.
SummaryBrief extract from the opening of the Great Learning, with a short commentary by Vincent. The transliteration of the first two paragraphs follows that by Intorcetta, with the ex- ception of “c ̧”, which became “s” in Vincent.

1685 Translation of Great Learning (大学) (Chapter 1)

Title of sectionExtracts and commentary from the Great Learning (paragraph 1 and 2)
Start page21
End page25
Translation of >Great Learning (大学) (Chapter 1)