Cursus litterae sinicae neo-missionariis accommodatus

Bibliographic Data

Translator(s)/Commentators(s)Zottoli, Angelo
Place of translationShanghai -- Administrative.City
Book TypePrint
Place of First PublicationShanghai -- Administrative.City
Publisher's ImprintTypographia Missionis Catholicae
Chinese textCharacters and transliteration


Classical Source(s)Great Learning (大学)
Doctrine of the Mean (中庸)
Analects (论语)
Mencius (孟子)
Classic of Poetry (诗经)
Book of Documents (书经)
Book of Changes (易经)
Book of Rites (礼经)
Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋)


Later EditionsAngelo Zottoli, Volumen secundum pro inferiore classe: Studium classicorum, nova editio, 1915.


BibliographyWilliams Nicholas Morrow, 2015. "Angelo Zottoli's Cursus Litteratur Sinic as Propaedeutic to Chinese Classical Tradition", in Monumenta Serica, 63, 327-359.
SummaryVolume II (1879), volumen secundum pro inferiore classe: Studium Classicorum
Volume III (1880), volumen tertium pro media classe: Studium canonicorum

1879 Translation of Analects (论语) (Chapter)

Title of sectionDissertae Sententiae 论语
Start page210
End page367
Translation of >Analects (论语) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Book of Documents (书经) (Chapter)

Title of sectionLiber Annalium 书经 (327-519)
Start page327
End page519
Translation of >Book of Documents (书经) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Book of Rites (礼经) (Chapter)

Title of sectionRituum Memoriale 礼经
Start page620
End page759
Translation of >Book of Rites (礼经) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Classic of Poetry (诗经) (Chapter)

Title of sectionLiber Carminum 诗经
Start page1
End page325
Translation of >Classic of Poetry (诗经) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

Title of sectionMedii Aequabilitas 中庸
Start page170
End page209
Translation of >Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)

Title of sectionMagna scientia 大学
Start page142
End page169
Translation of >Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of I Ching (易经) (Chapter)

Title of sectionMutationum Liber 易经
Start page520
End page619
Translation of >Book of Changes (易经) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Mencius (孟子) (Chapter)

Title of sectionLiber Mentsii 孟子
Start page368
End page635
Translation of >Mencius (孟子) (Chapter)

1879 Translation of Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋) (Chapter)

Title of sectionVer et Autumnus 春秋
Start page760
End page767
Translation of >Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋) (Chapter)