China, seu humana institutio

Bibliographic Data

Translator(s)/Commentators(s)Ruggieri, Michele
Place of translationRome -- Administrative.City
Nola -- Administrative.City
Salerno -- Administrative.City
Book TypeManuscript
Chinese textFew characters/transliterated characters


Classical Source(s)Great Learning (大学)
Doctrine of the Mean (中庸)
Analects (论语)
Mencius (孟子)
Mingxin baojian (明心宝鉴)


Location(s) of copies (MS)located @ Biblioteca nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II at Rome


BibliographyMichele Ferrero ed. Il primo Confucio latino: Il grande studio, La dottrina del giusto mezzo, I dialoghi : trascrizione, traduzione e commento di un manoscritto inedito di Michele Ruggieri SJ (1543-1607), Veterum et coaevorum sapientia,
vol. 12, LAS Roma, 2019.
Luo Ying, “The Jesuits’ Latin Translations of the Zhongyong 中庸 During the 17th and 18th Centuries”. In Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture 26 (2016), p.1-24.
CataloguesIn Pfister, Louis (1932-1934). Notices biographiques et bibliographiques sur les Jésuites de l'ancienne Mission de Chine: 1552-1773, Imprimerie de la mission Catholique, Shanghai: 7. "Le P. Sommervogel, dans son supplement (Bibliotheque, t. IX, col. 826), signale un manuscrit du P. Ruggieri conserve a la Bibliotheque Vittorio-Emanuele a Rome (Mss. gesuitici; n. 1185(3314)): "China, seu humana institutio"" p. 21.

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SummaryLatin translation by Ruggieri, in the Biblioteca nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II at Rome (Fondo gesuitico n. 1185/3314).

1591 Translation of Analects (论语) (Chapter)

Title of section论语 id est De consideratione, sit liber ord.e Tertius
Translation of >Analects (论语) (Chapter)

1591 Translation of Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

Title of sectionSecundus Liber. Sempre in medio
Translation of >Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

1591 Translation of Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)

Title of sectionLiber primus. Humana institutio
Translation of >Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)

1591 Translation of Mencius (孟子) (Chapter)

Title of sectionMentius
Translation of >Mencius (孟子) (Chapter)

1591 Translation of Mingxin baojian (明心宝鉴) (Chapter)

Title of sectionDiversorum autorum sententiae
Translation of >Mingxin baojian (明心宝鉴) (Chapter)