The Morals of Confucius, a Chinese Philosopher

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Place of translationLondon -- Administrative.City
Language(s)English (EN, ENG)
Book TypePrint
Place of First PublicationLondon -- Administrative.City
Publisher's ImprintPrinted for Randal Taylor near Stationers-Hall.
Chinese textNone


Intermediate Sourcede La Brune: La Morale de Confucius, philosophe de la Chine 1688, - @ Amsterdam [ French (FR, FRE) ]


Later EditionsPrinted for T. Horne, at the South Entrance into the Royal Exchange, Cornhil. 1706.
Printed for F. Fayram at the South Entrance into the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill, 1712
Printed for Proprietro, by J. Gillet, Fleet street, 1818
SummaryTranslation of 1688 work by de la Brune.
It includes a “Life of Confucius“ (pp. 11-18), and an introduction “The morals of Confucius, the Chinese philosopher“ (pp. 19- 32).

1691 Translation of Analects (论语) (Chapter)

Title of sectionBook I
Start page80
End page115
Translation of >Analects (论语) (Chapter)

1691 Translation of Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

Title of sectionBook II
Start page60
End page79
Translation of >Doctrine of the Mean (中庸) (Chapter)

1691 Translation of Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)

Title of sectionBook 1
Start page33
End page59
Translation of >Great Learning (大学) (Chapter)